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Giant Matrix iSurfer Shield v2.1.8 *Cracked-F4CG* 
Date: 1 March 2010 | Author: hardal-TR | Views: 652    

Giant Matrix iSurfer Shield v2.1.8 *Cracked-F4CG*

Giant Matrix iSurfer Shield v2.1.8 *Cracked-F4CG*

[MULTI]  Giant Matrix iSurfer Shield v2.1.8 *Cracked-F4CG* | 4.45 MB.

iSurfer Guard is the ultimate solution for protecting your online identity and privacy while surfing the web. iSurfer Guard hide your real IP from those pirating web sites so that you can surf safely, smoothly without revealing any information that can compromise your privacy

Giant Matrix iSurfer Shield v2.1.8 *Cracked-F4CG* : FREE Download

However you connect to the Internet...through your home computer, workstation, or a laptop on the road you leave "tracks" behind you through your IP address. Whether you're surfing web pages, shopping online, or even simply chatting with friends, your IP address is recorded by servers in various places and logged. This is fine with trusted sites...but what about those that are "not trusted"?

If you really think about what can happen when someone gets a hold of your IP address, it's pretty scary and many of us don't think about it much...until it's too late. iSurfer Shield protects you from that "too late" happening to you

Spammers, phishers, and hackers are working hard behind the scenes of those less trustworthy sites. Once they can pick up your real IP address or email address, they can often hack right into your PC and harvest personal data or your financial information. Identity theft happens every day of the week, and hackers know how to do it simply to those who aren't protected!

iSurfer Shield STOPS this disaster BEFORE it happens by helping you to protect your IP and email identities. Prying eyes, malicious sites, and spammers? They can forget about trying to get to your information. They can keep trying, but iSurfer Shield will shut them down cold every time and eventually they'll just give up

      Surf the web safely, anonymously, as simply as clicking your mouse!
      Prevent malicious web sites from capturing your real IP address and using it against you!
      Send emails using your favorite web-based email provider, without revealing your real IP address!
      Go where you want, when you want, anonymously and quickly!
      Surf the web freely from any barriers, firewalls or any web surfing restrictions!
      Protect your inbox from tons of SPAM emails by preventing spam emails from reaching your inbox in the first place!
      Save all the money you will invest in Anti Spam tools!

Multiple International 'Alias IPs'

With just a single click, iSurfer Shield allow you to completely mask your real IP address. You can select from 10+ different countries' IP addresses and decide which of them to use as your new 'masked' IP

Use iSurfer Shield today with your newly selected anonymous IP address to browse the web, send emails, post in forums, and chat with friends, all without compromising your real IP address or any personal information! With these multiple international IPs available, not only can you hide your own can change the anonymous IP every time you surf, so that you're 'coming from' another country and/or IP each time

Email Support

iSurfer Shield supports literally any web-based e-mail systems including but not limited to Hotmail, Gmail, and Yahoo. Use iSurfer Shield to send 'incognito' e-mails with no need to reveal your real IP!

Jailbreak Capability

iSurfer Shield can help eliminate the barriers that keep its users from out of a given website due to company policies or other network restrictions. With iSurfer Shield, you can even bypass the firewalls your company may have in place to prevent access to certain web sites

Full Identity Protection

No one wants to hand their personal information to spammers, junk mailers, or scammers. With iSurferGuard, you're not only screening that data from them in real're keeping it from them, now and for the future. Your personal business STAYS your business, and no one else's. Which is just as it should be!

Multiple-Protocol Support

iSurfer Shield supports HTTP, HTTPS and FTP protocols

Disposable Emails

iSurfer Shield's disposable emails helps protect your inbox from tons of SPAM and saves you the money you will invest in Anti Spam tools by preventing spam messages from reaching your inbox in the first place!

With iSurfer Shield disposable emails you can now use your new disposable email address at any website, forum, or blog that requires you to enter your email before downloading files, songs, movies or posting a reply without worrying about your inbox getting filled with tons of SPAM email or worse...getting sold!

Language: English
OS: Windows 98/Me/2000/XP/Vista/7 (32-bit)

Giant Matrix iSurfer Shield v2.1.8 *Cracked-F4CG*

Giant Matrix iSurfer Shield v2.1.8 *Cracked-F4CG*Giant Matrix iSurfer Shield v2.1.8 *Cracked-F4CG*Giant Matrix iSurfer Shield v2.1.8 *Cracked-F4CG*Giant Matrix iSurfer Shield v2.1.8 *Cracked-F4CG*Giant Matrix iSurfer Shield v2.1.8 *Cracked-F4CG*Giant Matrix iSurfer Shield v2.1.8 *Cracked-F4CG*

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