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Assault Rigs 
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Assault Rigs

Assault Rigs

Assault Rigs
PC Game | Window | English | 362 MB

Assault Rigs is an Action game by Psygnosis, released in 1995 for PC, PlayStation 1 and Sega Saturn. The game's based in the future, where real sport has been overtaken in favour of virtual sport. And everyone's favourite is Assault Rigs. The game runs through like a tank simulator, set inside a 3D virtual environment. The goal of the single player game is to collect all of the gems in a level, while destroying or avoiding enemies, ultimately reaching the end exit. There are 42 Levels (Plus 15 levels for Playstation two player) featuring jump ramps, elevators, sky ways, trenches, movable blocks and push rods. There are also 20 weapon power-ups, viruses and Dolby Surround sound.Assault Rigs also has the capability to utilize the Playstation Link Cable, enabling two players with two playstations to play head-to-head with full screens. A unique feature of the Serial link cable usage is that there are 15 additional levels that are only available for play using the cable.

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Weapons appear in floating blue cubes. They are opened by shooting them once. These cubes might also contain Power-ups. Here is a list of weapons:

    * Standard ammo - You have an unlimited supply of this ammo.
    * Bounce ammo - This ammo comes in rounds of 30 and bounces off walls. Can bounce back and damage yourself!
    * Shattershells - Comes in rounds of 25 and bounces off walls. Shatters into 5 separate bullets after they have hit the wall.
    * Homing Missiles - Comes in rounds of 6. Homes in on closet enemy.
    * Guided Missiles - Comes in rounds of 3. After shooting, you gain control of missile and guide it where you want.
    * Laser - Comes in rounds of 15. Like a more powerful version of standard ammo. Shoots long distances.
    * Mini Gun - Comes in rounds of 250. Like a quick fire version of standard ammo. Powerful at short distances. Doesn't reach far.


Power-ups appear in floating blue cubes. They are opened by shooting them once. These cubes might also contain Weapons. Here is a list of Power-ups:

    * Drop And Forget Mines - Like ordinary mines but you lay them.
    * Shield Deck - After activated, a red shield will appear around your rig. This goes after a short period of time.
    * Warp Deck - After activated, you are taken to a random place in the arena.
    * Push Block Deck - Disguises you as a push block so enemies ignore you. If you shoot, this block disappears.
    * Auto Turret - Only works with rigs that have a movable turret. The turret will point at the direction of the closet enemy. Stops after a certain period of time.
    * Sentry Gun Pods - Once dropped from the back of your rig, they become active after a few seconds. They shoot at anything that comes in range, so that includes your rig.

Game Screen

    * 1) Shield Indicator. If one indicator turns black, you explode.
    * 2) This is where your power-up and ammunation left is shown.
    * 3) Gems collected/Gems needed.
    * 4) Time left to complete the level.
    * 5) Score.
    * 6) Weapon selector. The current weapon has a little red rectangle above its' icon.

Assault Rigs




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