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Super Diary v2.61 *Keygen-Lz0* 
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Super Diary v2.61 *Keygen-Lz0*

Super Diary v2.61 *Keygen-Lz0*

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Super Diary is a powerful multi-purpose program for your daily document management, private or business.. Its main purpose is to organize and collect text and audio data, but there are other interesting functions built into the program, which you might also find useful.

The program consists of a set of 8 independent main modules, which are all working on one single, strongly encrypted Microsoft SQL Server CE database file. You can have as many documents and databases as you like.

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Write a Journal / Log / Diary
Write your daily notes with a sophisticated word processor, using style sheets, images, tables and hyperlinks. Each day can have an unlimited number of entries, organized in folders and subfolders in a tree view. Open as many documents as you like at the same time (organized with tabs on the bottom of the document view). You can open the same document several times and work on different sections at the same time.

Import existing text documents in *.doc, *.docx, *.rtf and *.txt format. Export your entries in *.doc, *.docx, *.rtf and *.txt and also *.pdf format, without using an external program. You can print or export several entries into one new document, with optional title / date information and page numbers.

    * Write an unlimited number of entries for each day and apply a title to each one
    * Organize entries in a calendar tree and/or in a folder structure
    * Use text formatting, colors, alignment, indent, tabulators...
    * Undo and redo, lists, indenting
    * Style sheets and style copying
    * Image insertion. Images can be resized and can be anchored or floating.
    * Big images are being resized. Images can be exported in JPEG.
    * Insert hyperlinks (web links) and tables

Collect and organize your Notes
The notes section can collect documents, that are not connected to a specific date. The entries can be organized, using folders and subfolders, like in the journal section. You can create new folders and subfolders, rename and delete them and move your entries to any folder you like.

Organize your Contacts in an Address Book
If Outlook or similar PIM programs are too overloaded or complicated for your taste, you now use the handy little address book that is built into Super Diary. You can collect name, address, notes and birthday and you can attach a picture for each entry. Data can be imported from CSV (Excel) or vCard / VCF. You can also print and export the data into an Excel-readable format.

The built-in weekly calendar can help you to organize your appointments. Click and drag the mouse anywhere in the calendar to create a new appointment. Use drag and drop to move appointments around. You can have recurrent appointments for every week, every month, every 3 months etc. Appointments can have color tags and reminder alarms attached.

Login Manager
 Collect web addresses, logins and passwords for your password-protected websites. All you need is one password from now on (the one to log into Super Diary), and you can safely trust all your valuable and secret data to the program and never fear to forget or loose a password again. An included password generator will help you to generate safe and unbreakable passwords of any kind, that nobody is able to guess.

    * Save title, url (address), login and password for any number of password protected sites
    * Import and export data (using the Excel-readable *.csv format) and print it
    * Favicons (the little icons from the browser address field) are imported to the table
    * The analyzer will find the form controls, so the program can remote-control the browser
    * Auto-Login: almost every page can be remote controlled (sorry, Internet Explorer only)
    * Integrated password generator with detailed presets for length and contents of the generated password

Finance Manager
Organize your budget easily and intuitively. The included finance manager is a powerful and intuitive program, which can help you to get control over your revenues and your expenditures. You can not only enter single payments or incomes, but also recurrent ones (they are inserted automatically, when they are due).

    * Insert title (purpose), amount and category of payments and revenues
    * Entries can be sorted and filtered by time span, type, title and category
    * Data can be imported, exported and printed
    * Recurrent payments can be made every day, every week, every 10 / 14 days, every month or every 2 / 3 / 6 / 12 months
    * Due payments are inserted automatically on program start

Sound Recorder
Record and collect sound clips, which can have a title and will be connected to a date, just like in the journal with the included sound recorder. This module uses the highly compressed and license-free OGG Vorbis format internally.

    * Record or import as many sound clips as you like for each date
    * Clips are not limited in length
    * Import sound clips from *.mp3, *.wma, *.ogg or *.wav
    * Auto-blank silent passages when you record clips (optionally)
    * Scrub (quickly jump) in recordings with the slider
    * Use any quality setting for the recording - for best quality or smallest disk space
    * Export clips later, if you need to (original recording quality, in *.ogg format)

You can use the built-in statistics module to enter and organize up to 6 numeric values for each day. The numeric values can be of any range, even floating point and negative numbers. Table view and graphical chart view.

    * Observe 6 numerical values for each date - in any range, even floating point or negative values are allowed
    * Assign a title and a color to each value
    * Data can be imported, exported and printed
    * Choose the table view or the graphical chart view
    * Move the mouse over the chart and see the real values in a tooltip.
    * Filter the data according to a given time span
    * Edit or delete multiple values with the context menu in the table view

Alarm Clock
You have a resizable Alarm Clock available as an additional tool built right into the program interface and always visible on the left hand side.

    * Resize the clock or make it invisible, simply by dragging the border (hover the mouse to make the border visible)
    * Choose one of five color schemes
    * Make the second hand invisible or make it jumping / sliding
    * Set a daily or one-time alarm with a custom message and an optional sound file (*.mp3, *.wma, *.mid or *.wav)

Website Ripper
In the Tools section of the main menu you can find another very useful and special module: the website ripper. Drag or paste any web address into the address text field and you can rip the embedded or linked images, the text or the links from that web page.

    * Rip all embedded or externally linked images (often used in connection with thumbnails) from a website
    * Extract all internal and / or external links and embed them as links in your current document or copy them to the clipboard
    * Extract all text as plain, umformatted text from a website, regardless of the site structure
    * Multi-threaded programming uses all your internet bandwidth for optimal performance

What used to take many mousclicks and a lot of time, is now often just a matter of seconds. Not all websites can be ripped with Super Diary, since some are using techniques (delayed javascript loading, Flash and others) that prevent content ripping.

2.61 - Compatibility improvements for Windows 7 systems

Language: English
OS: Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7

Super Diary v2.61 *Keygen-Lz0*

Super Diary v2.61 *Keygen-Lz0*Super Diary v2.61 *Keygen-Lz0*Super Diary v2.61 *Keygen-Lz0*Super Diary v2.61 *Keygen-Lz0*Super Diary v2.61 *Keygen-Lz0*Super Diary v2.61 *Keygen-Lz0*

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