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CrumplePop Grain35 [35mm film stocks] 
Date: 28 September 2012 | Author: Mirana | Views: 202    

CrumplePop Grain35 [35mm film stocks]

CrumplePop Grain35 [35mm film stocks]
CrumplePop Grain35 [35mm film stocks] | 5.86 GB

Grain35 - Beautiful 35mm Film Grain Scans for your DSLR and 4K Video

Your DSLR shoots amazing video - but it's missing the beautiful grain pattern of real 35mm film. Grain35 is a set of real 35mm grain scans that you can easily add to any video project.

Film grain scans are a favorite of production professionals, but the good grain packages out there are expensive - really expensive. With Grain35, we aim to make high quality HD and 4K grain scans affordable to small studios and indie producers for the first time.

CrumplePop Grain35 [35mm film stocks] : FREE Download

Grain35 is:

1. Super high quality. Grain35 uses 4K Arrilaser DPX scans of six 35mm film stocks, all shot at three different exposures and delivered to you as ProRes 4444 or h.264 downloads.

2. Both HD and 4K. To our knowledge, Grain35 will be the first real 4K grain scan package in the world. You'll be able to use the HD version of Grain35 with your DSLR footage, and the 4K version with your Red Scarlet/Epic footage.

3. Available for most editing systems. Grain35 works with Final Cut Pro 6, 7, and X, Adobe Premiere Pro, Avid Media Composer, and others. Really any video editing system with a composite or blend mode will work with Grain35.

4. Easy. Just import your grain clip, drop it on your timeline, and select "overlay" mode. That's it - just loop and tweak to your liking.

5. Affordable. If we can raise the funds to cover the necessary film stock, camera rental, lab fees and laser scans of the negatives, then we can make this way, way less expensive than any other professional film grain package.

What you get

Six different 35mm and 16mm film stocks:

Kodak 500T
Kodak 200T
Kodak 250D
Kodak 50D
Fuji Eterna 500T
Fuji Eterna 250T

Two resolutions:

1920x1080 (HD) @ 23.976fps
3840x2160 (4K HD) @ 23.976fps

Two delivery codecs:

ProRes 4444 (better quality, slower download)
h.264 (lower quality, much faster download)

EUROPEAN USERS: Although the film grain assets will be 23.976fps, they should work nicely with 25p footage. Your NLE should automatically conform the 23.976fps clips to 25fps. Yes it's cheating, but since this is a grain pattern we're talking about, it should be visually imperceptible and work great.

When you'll get it

All of the prototyping and color/workflow troubleshooting is already done, so we'll be able to get you Grain35 pretty quickly. In fact, we expect to ship this to you within a couple weeks of the end of the funding period. We have a lot of experience producing similar overlay effects for editors, so we're confident that this is a realistic timeline.

This could be extremely awesome

If we can pull this off, it will be an extremely useful and versatile tool for small studios. We've spent a lot of time here applying the prototype grain scans to our own footage, and it's... freaking great. We hope you think so too!

Here are some 1920x1080 framegrabs so you can check out examples of Grain35 up close. The grain that we've applied in these examples is pretty heavy - you can easily make the grain pattern more/less pronounced by tweaking the opacity and contrast of the grain clip.

More info:

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