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The Clash - Sound System (2013) FLAC 
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The Clash - Sound System (2013) FLAC

The Clash - Sound System (2013) FLAC
The Clash - Sound System (2013)
Audio CD (9 Sep 2013) | Number of Discs: 11 | XLD Rip | FLAC(tracks) - Cue - Log | 3.42 GB
Genre: Rock | Format: Box set | Label: Columbia

Product Description
The Clash's Sound System is the band’s re-mastered recorded works collected together for the first time. Contained within classic boombox packaging designed by Paul Simonon, this boxset contains the band’s five seminal studio albums in their original eight-disc format, newly re-mastered by The Clash; a further three discs featuring demos, non-album singles, rarities and B-sides; a DVD with previously unseen footage by both Don Letts and Julien Temple, original promo videos and live footage; an owner’s manual booklet; reprints of the band’s original Armagideon Times fanzine as well as a brand new edition curated and designed by Paul Simonon; and merchandise including dog tags, badges, stickers and an exclusive Clash poster.
Conceived and compiled by The Clash, Sound System is a significant and unique collection of the complete recorded works by the 20th century’s most influential British band. Greatly enhanced by the careful re-mastering rendering the original recordings more vital and crisp, it's all contained in Paul Simonon’s iconic design, with a selection of bonus material.

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Most box sets are designed to enshrine an artist in the amber of posterity. The idea is that the artist has transcended their time, that they can now be appreciated outside of the context of their era.
The digital age, where recordings from the past sit comfortably with tunes from the present, accelerates this trend, suggesting that all the classic artists exist upon their own continuum, that their development was almost a product of self-divination. What is interesting about Sound System is that it throws this notion out the window and celebrates the era that produced the Clash as much as it celebrates the band itself. As designed by Clash bassist Paul Simonon,…

…Sound System looks like an old-school ghetto blaster, and it’s filled with replicas of fanzines, stickers, badges, press photos, posters, dog tags — all manner of period-specific tchotchkes that walk the line between nostalgia and commercial art. This aesthetic trickles down to the presentation of the music itself, with London Calling split over two CDs where it could easily fit onto one and Sandinista! taking up a full three discs. Such details slightly impede playability if Sound System is listened to as a series of CDs, but once the set is ripped and listened to digitally, the divided discs are simply another design flourish, one of many little things to appreciate. But Sound System is also attractive in delivering what effectively is the Complete Clash in one sitting. Apart from the disowned Cut the Crap, all the albums are here — the U.K. version of The Clash, Give ‘Em Enough Rope, London Calling, Sandinista!, Combat Rock — along with three discs of extras that include all the non-LP singles (i.e., the singles that were added to the U.S. pressing of the debut, plus everything that wound up on the clearinghouse Super Black Market Clash, such as the Cost of Living EP), oddities that appeared on the first Clash box Clash on Broadway in 1991, and B-sides; then, most attractively for collectors, previously unreleased mixes, outtakes from Combat Rock, “extracts” from the band’s first recording session in 1976, Polydor demos from that same year produced by Guy Stevens, and six live cuts from the Lyceum in 1979. Then, there’s the DVD which contains all the band’s promo videos, the Clash on Broadway video, the White Promo Film, footage from Susxxx University in 1977, and individual selections from Clash compatriots Don Letts and Julian Temple. Perhaps there are still some stray tracks in the vaults — this seems to excavate all the unheard songs from Rat Patrol from Fort Bragg, aka the original version of Combat Rock and some cuts may be left behind — but this is as complete as we’ll get and if it doesn’t present any fresh revelations, it brings the Clash’s era back to life, both sonically and visually.


Disc 1: The Clash (released as CBS Records LP S-CBS 82000, 1977)
Janie Jones
Remote Control
I’m So Bored with the U.S.A.
White Riot
Hate & War
What’s My Name?
London’s Burning
Career Opportunities
Protex Blue
Police & Thieves
48 Hours

Disc 2: Give ‘Em Enough Rope (released as CBS Records LP S-CBS 82431, 1978)
Safe European Home
English Civil War (Johnny Comes Marching Home)
Tommy Gun
Julie’s Been Working for the Drug Squad
Last Gang in Town
Guns on the Roof
Drug-Stabbing Time
Stay Free
All the Young Punks (New Boots and Contracts)

Discs 3-4: London Calling (released as CBS Records LP S-CBS 88478, 1979)
London Calling
Brand New Cadillac
Jimmy Jazz
Rudie Can’t Fail
Spanish Bombs
The Right Profile
Lost in the Supermarket
The Guns of Brixton
Wrong ‘Em Boyo
Death or Glory
Koka Kola
The Card Cheat
Lover’s Rock
Four Horsemen
I’m Not Down
Revolution Rock
Train in Vain

Discs 5-7: Sandinista! (released as CBS Records LP FSLN-1, 1980)
The Magnificent Seven
Hitsville UK
Junco Partner
Ivan Meets G.I. Joe
The Leader
Something About England
Rebel Waltz
Look Here
The Crooked Beat
Somebody Got Murdered
One More Time
One More Dub
Lightning Strikes (Not Once But Twice)
Up in Heaven (Not Only Here)
Corner Soul
Let’s Go Crazy
If Music Could Talk
The Sound of Sinners
Police on My Back
Midnight Log
The Equaliser
The Call Up
Washington Bullets
Lose This Skin
Charlie Don’t Surf
Mensforth Hill
Junkie Slip
Kingston Advice
The Street Parade
Version City
Living in Fame
Silicon on Sapphire
Version Pardner
Career Opportunities
Shepherd’s Delight

Disc 8: Combat Rock (released as CBS Records LP FMLN-2, 1982)

Know Your Rights
Car Jamming
Should I Stay or Should I Go
Rock the Casbah
Red Angel Dragnet
Straight to Hell
Overpowered by Funk
Atom Tan
Sean Flynn
Ghetto Defendant
Inoculated City
Death is a Star

Disc 9: Non-LP material

White Riot (Single Version) (single A-side – CBS 5058, 1977)
1977 (single B-side – CBS 5058, 1977)
Listen/Interview with The Clash on the Circle Line (from Capital Radio EP – CBS CL-1, 1977)
Capital Radio One (from Capital Radio EP – CBS CL-1, 1977)
London’s Burning (Live) (B-side to “Remote Control” – CBS 5293, 1977)
Complete Control (single A-side – CBS 5664, 1977)
City of the Dead (single B-side – CBS 5664, 1977)
Clash City Rockers (single A-side – CBS 5834, 1978)
Jail Guitar Doors (single B-side – CBS 5834, 1978)
(White Man in) Hammersmith Palais (single A-side – CBS 6383, 1978)
The Prisoner (single B-side – CBS 6383, 1978)
1-2 Crush on You (B-side to “Tommy Gun” – CBS 6788, 1978)
Time is Tight (from Black Market Clash - Epic/Nu-Disk 4E 36846 (U.S.), 1980)
Pressure Drop (B-side to “English Civil War” – CBS 7082, 1979)
I Fought the Law (from The Cost of Living EP – CBS 7324, 1979)
Groovy Times (from The Cost of Living EP – CBS 7324, 1979)
Gates of the West (from The Cost of Living EP – CBS 7324, 1979)
Capital Radio Two (from The Cost of Living EP – CBS 7324, 1979)
Armagideon Time (B-side to “London Calling” – CBS 8087, 1979)
Bankrobber (single A-side – CBS 8323, 1980)
Rockers Galore…U.K. Tour (single B-side – CBS 8323, 1980)

Disc 10: More non-LP material and outtakes

The Magnificent Dance (12¨ B-side to “The Call Up” – Epic 48-02036 (U.S.), 1981)
Midnight to Stevens (from Clash on Broadway box set – Epic/Legacy E3K 46991, 1991)
Radio One (B-side to “Hitsville UK” – CBS 9480, 1980)
Stop the World (B-side to “The Call Up” – CBS 9339, 1980)
The Cool Out (12¨ B-side to “The Call Up” – Epic 48-02036 (U.S.), 1981)
This is Radio Clash (single A-side – CBS A-1797, 1981)
Radio Clash (single B-side – CBS A-1797, 1981)
First Night Back in London (B-side to “Know Your Rights” – CBS A-2309, 1982)
Rock the Casbah (Bob Clearmountain 12¨ Mix) *
Long Time Jerk (B-side to “Rock the Casbah” – CBS A-2749, 1982)
The Beautiful People Are Ugly Too *
Idle in Kangaroo Court *
Ghetto Defendant (Unedited/Extended Version) *
Cool Confusion (B-side to “Should I Stay or Should I Go” – CBS A-3186, 1982)
Sean Flynn (Extended “Marcus Music” Version) *
Straight to Hell (Unedited) (from Clash on Broadway box set – Epic/Legacy E3K 46991, 1991)

Disc 11: Demos and live cuts

I’m So Bored with the U.S.A. (Beaconsfield Film School Demo, 1976)
London’s Burning (Beaconsfield Film School Demo, 1976) (from Selections from “Revolution Rock” promo CD – Epic/Legacy 88697 28275 2, 2008)
White Riot (Beaconsfield Film School Demo, 1976) (from Selections from “Revolution Rock” promo CD – Epic/Legacy 88697 28275 2, 2008)
1977 (Beaconsfield Film School Demo, 1976) (from Selections from “Revolution Rock” promo CD – Epic/Legacy 88697 28275 2, 2008)
Janie Jones (Polydor Demo) (from Clash on Broadway box set – Epic/Legacy E3K 46991, 1991)
Career Opportunites (Polydor Demo) (from Clash on Broadway box set – Epic/Legacy E3K 46991, 1991)
London’s Burning (Polydor Demo) *
1977 (Polydor Demo) *
White Riot (Polydor Demo) *
City of the Dead (Live @ The Lyceum, London – 12/28/1978) (from From Here to Eternity: Live - Columbia 496183 2, 1999)
Jail Guitar Doors (Live @ The Lyceum, London – 12/28/1978) *
English Civil War (Live @ The Lyceum, London – 12/28/1978) (from Clash on Broadway box set – Epic/Legacy E3K 46991, 1991)
Stay Free (Live @ The Lyceum, London – 12/28/1978) *
Cheapskates (Live @ The Lyceum, London – 12/28/1978) *
I Fought the Law (Live @ The Lyceum, London – 12/28/1978) (from Clash on Broadway box set – Epic/Legacy E3K 46991, 1991)



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